NEW Bog Turtle Brewery Growler Program!

Some of our fantastic customers and fans have been enjoying their favorite Bog Turtle Brewery beers, whenever and where-ever they felt the urge, by buying and filling growlers at the brewery to take with them.  (As a matter of fact, we have been known to  fill growlers to take home with us at the end of a long day of brewing as well!)  We want to show our appreciation to these valiant devotes by rewarding every 10th fill with  1 fill on us!

If you are not familiar with the term growlers; growlers are reusable glass or metal jugs, typically 64-ounce or 32-ounce, for transporting beer “to go”.

Two Growler Pic

Most glass growlers (ours included) are little brown 64oz jugs with screw on caps. (We use upgraded pressure caps to keep the beer fresher longer for your enjoyment.) Because they are reusable and generate no trash, growlers are considered an environmentally conscious option for selling beer. They also require less energy and water to fill than with canning or bottling the beer.

You pick your favorite BTB beer and we will fill your growler, on the spot, from our magic wall of beer!

Four tap Image

Once  you pick and purchase your growler fill, present [or start a new] punch card to mark your purchase.

Punch Card 2

After the 10th punch, you are entitled to one 64 oz growler fill from your friends at Bog Turtle Brewery!

Although we prefer to fill BTB branded growlers, we will fill any clean, legal (volume clearly marked) container and we will fill it with fresh craft Bog Turtle Brewery beer!

Stop in for more details and to purchase and fill your new growler!