Our Brewery

“Life” is the time between events: after work, the weeks before vacation, school nights; and “life” is lived at home. Bog Turtle Brewery (BTB) is a hometown brewery located in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania; Oxford, PA. A taste of home!

With a 1.5 bbl brew system, Bog Turtle Brewery is purely a manufacturing facility with plenty of room to grow. Although we would love to have friends and customers join us in the plant; it just isn’t practical at this point. We will be working at our maximum production level to produce as much local craft beer as we can, to keep up with demand.

As demand continues, we plan on expanding our capacity to meet the demand but never at the expense of our quality.

With six die-hard craft beer enthusiasts as the owner/operators of the brewery; every drop of Bog Turtle beer is brewed with passion and dedication to craft beer. We (the owners) are proud Oxford residents with the goal of producing an excellent craft beer that all of Oxford will be proud to call their hometown beer.

For now, Bog Turtle beers will only be available on tap at local establishments, so check back on a regular basis to see which of your favorite local restaurants will be serving Bog Turtle beers to their clients.