Cattail – Honey Brown Ale

If you ever find yourself down in the bog trying to snap a selfie with the elusive Bog Turtle, you are going to work up a thirst that only a Cattail Honey Brown Ale will be able to satiate! Or, you may just have sat down after coming home from picking up a disc from Red Box, a Cattail is going to taste pretty darn good then too.

Our Honey Brown Ale is made from 8 different malted grains featuring floor kilned English malt, dark chocolate malt and  golden honey malt as well as local honey from West Grove, PA.  Cattail has a smooth sweetness that you’re going to love! The flavor of the Honey Brown Ale may vary a little from batch to batch, but, that’s the bees fault (or faults?!?).  The nectar gathered by these swarms of golden gatherers all depends on the flowers that it is gathered from, thereby causing slight flavor changes in the honey, which can cause a change in the taste of our Cattail Honey Brown Ale.

It’s a bit darker than some other brown ales on the market, that is due to the fact the we brew all of our beers for 70 minutes to allow the sugars to become more concentrated.  The heavier concentration and the fact that we do not filter our beer creates a darker, warmer brown color ale.

Cattail Honey Brown Ale has an abundance of flavor, a rich color and a sweet finish.  While it will pair well with numerous foods, it is best with friends and loved ones!

Bitterness (IBUs): 30
Color (SRM): 24.5
Est. Alcohol (ABV): 5.9