Two Stories – Blonde Ale

People say there are two sides to every story.  Some people feel that is true about the name of our Two Stories Blonde Ale.  A perfectly balanced ale with just the right blend of Pilsner malt and classic Bavarian hops.  You’ll notice the subtly spicy, floral aroma of this beauty as you enjoy it’s light crisp taste… a real thirst quencher!

One story says it is named after the first structure built in Oxford (even before it was called Oxford) by John Hayes,  a two story cabin on the corner of 3rd and Market Streets. Sounds pretty tame considering it’s sister beer is The Devil’s 9 Ball.  The other story is it is named after a beautiful blonde woman (already more interesting), John’s sister.  John’s sister, it turns out, was the brains of the operation.  Let’s face it; Moving halfway between Philadelphia and Baltimore back in 1754 doesn’t seem like too bright a move, seeing as it was all pretty much wilderness and indians out this way and we were still under English rule. Now throw in smart beautiful woman with the idea to build a two story cabin that could feed travelers and have strong defensive capabilities, and things start to make a little more sense.  Travelers most likely wouldn’t keep coming back if it was just John hanging out on the front porch of his one story/one room cabin out in the woods.

John’s sister had a speculators eye and bankers mind.  They built that two story cabin, and they created a crossroads rest stop that ended up being just a short trot off the first interstate road in the United States. They later sold that simple cabin and that location is now the main intersection in downtown Oxford, PA.

So you decide which story you believe; John Hayes getting the credit for a cabin in the woods (men got all the credit back in those days) or a perfectly balanced (gorgeous and brilliant) blonde that was just right for the times and made it very easy to go back again and again.


Bitterness (IBUs): 21
Color (SRM): 4.6
Est. Alcohol (ABV): 5.5