Welcome to the Bog

 At Bog Turtle Brewery, we believe that if schools taught beer brewing as part of the Chemistry curriculum, we would be a nation of Chemists!

The amount of science that goes into making a good beer is astounding. It was that thirst for knowledge, combined with our thirst for great beer, that inspired us to bring you Bog Turtle Brewery. With over 150 years of combined beer enjoyment, and nearly 30 years of brewing experience, we are excited to share our passion with you. From our homebrew to your Home Town Brew.

Bog Turtle Brewery is a true hometown craft brewery, located right on the main street of historic downtown Oxford, Pennsylvania. All of our beers are designed from scratch, meticulously brewed, and proudly served to our friends and neighbors.

The owners of Bog Turtle Brewery literality built every component of the brewery itself.  All the brew and mash kettles, the control panel, the fermentation vessels, fermentation room, cold room, ramps and stairs.  It would be safe to say that each of them is intimately familiar with all the working parts and any of them can operate or repair all of the equipment.

The building where the brewery is located, 14 South 3rd Street in Oxford, PA has been numerous things in it’s past:  super market, warehouse and even a restaurant before it was purchased by the OASA where they converted the front half of the building into their administrative offices.  The back part of the building, roughly 2,700 sq. ft. was used for ad-hoc storage of equipment and files. This portion of the building is now Bog Turtle Brewery!

The folks at OASA have been great supporters of the brewery since our first conversation with them back in 2014.  They were very interested in finding a business or organization that could use the space but also an organization that could utilize the location as a incubator.  And that is just what we did!

The whole town of Oxford has been enthusiastically supportive of Bog Turtle Brewery along with our local PA State Representative, John Lawrence and US Representative, Joe Pitts. While it was a massive team effort to get BTB up and running, we believe the rewards (our beer!) are well worth all of the effort!